19-Year-Old Comedian Who Played Robbery Prank on Bank Remanded in Prison by Ondo court


A 19-year-old comedian with the name Eyinatayo Iluyomade has been arrested and charged to court in Ondo state for playing a robbery prank on a bank The Lagos state-based comedian had dropped a threat note on the counter of a bank in Ondo town, saying he and his gang would come and rob the bank He was, however, denied bail in court and remanded in prison until he produced the other gang members who were planning to rob The bank

Eyinatayo Iluyomade, a 19-year-old Lagos-based comedian, has been arrested and remanded in prison by a court in Ondo state for threatening to rob a bank. Even though the comedian had pleaded not guilty to the charges levelled against him, claiming he was only playing a prank on the bank, he was denied bail and remanded in prison. However, the case was adjourned until he produced other members of his robbery gang.

ccording to a report by Newsmen the comedian dropped a threat note on the counter of First Bank in Ondo town of Ondo state, noting that by 1 pm that same day, his robbery gang would come to rob the bank.

This led to the closure of all the banks in Ondo town for a whole day. He was, however, charged with three count-charges of conspiracy, threat and manner likely to pose a security threat to public safety.

The comedian told the court that the note he dropped at the First Bank was a prank, adding that he had been doing this in Lagos before relocating to Ondo town, and that was the first time he would be playing the prank in Ondo state.
He also pleaded that the court forgives him and that he wouldn’t play such pranks anymore.
The court’s magistrate denied him bail and adjourned the case until the time other members of the criminal gang were caught.


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