2023: I made mistake making Fubara gov, Wike begs Rivers people


Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and immediate past governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, yesterday begged the people of Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area to forgive him over the mistake he made in picking Governor Siminalaye Fubara as his successor.

Wike also emphasized that at no point did he tell anybody to worship him, stating that people should be appreciative of those or whoever that is instrumental to their elevation.

The FCT Minister spoke at St. Martins Church Field Ogu town in Ogu/Bolo LGA, at a grand civic reception held in honour of George Thompson Sekibo, who celebrated 20 years of meritorious service at the National Assembly and 36 years in public service.

The minister said that God cannot come down to help people, but would use somebody to accomplish it, condemning ingratitude in the lives of some individuals.

Wike said: “My dear people, I came because I respect people who appreciate what God has done for them; who appreciate what God has used people to do for them.

“God does not come down. God uses people to help people. So, when you have been helped, you appreciate Him and, then God will know you have appreciated Him.

“I have never told anybody to worship me. Nobody can worship man. All of us believe that we only have one God. And it is only that God we will worship; and will continue to worship that God.

“But as politicians, we appreciate people who have helped us. Is it not correct?

“Ogu/Bolo people, when I came to ask you to support me, you supported me. Did I worship you? But I have to appreciate you. I have to thank you. If you did not support me, I would not have been in the position where I am. I never said I would worship you. Did you tell me to worship you? So, how did the issue of worship come?

“I want to say this clearly, in life, we may have made a mistake. You have made and there is nothing anyone can make about it. I have made a mistake. I own it up. And I ask God to forgive me. I have said all of you forgive me. But we will correct it at the appropriate time.

“I am a human being. I am bound to make a mistake. My judgment can be wrong. So, forgive me for making a wrong judgment. That is life. So, nobody should kill himself.”

To the lawmaker representing Ogu/Bolo constituency in the House of Assembly, Wike declared:

“Let me say this clearly, Arnold, don’t be frightened that anybody would remove you as an Assembly member. Nobody will remove you as Assembly member.

“Most of  you don’t understand. This (politics) is our work. What l am doing is to make them fear, to make them angry. I have no other job than to make them to be angry everyday, to make them make mistake everyday. And they will be in trouble everyday. So, don’t worry yourselves.

“If they like, they can go to anybody by 2:00a.m, 4:00a.m to get injunction. The law will take its course. We are not afraid. We followed due process. We must follow due process.

“We are not going to harm anybody. We are not going to give money to anybody to buy arms and kill anybody. We won’t do that.

“As you see me, I think well. You see, I came with Senator Magnus Abe. I work with people who have brain. In politics, when people who have brain disagree, they agree.”

Wike taunted those saying they would bring him down, saying nobody can do that.

“When you are in charge, you are in charge. So, don’t worry”, he said, urging them to calm down because everything would be over.

He, however, advised Ogu/Bolo people to forget the abuse coming from their detractors, noting that one must be alive for people to abuse him.

“At the appropriate day, that day when the result would be announced, we will know who is who. Don’t worry yourselves. We have defeated them severally.

“No amount of propaganda can help you. Ogu people have shown loyalty. And I want to thank you.”

The FCT minister declared that he knows how to handle the people he described as “buccaneers”, stressing that he would continue to handle them.

He acknowledged that it is not easy to be in power, saying that it is only those who lack knowledge of why they are in power give excuses.

“When you want to do bad, you say there is too much pressure on you, saying they say I should bring N20 billion, N10 billion, N100 billion. They want to run away from fulfilling the promises you made to people.

“Look at all the council chairmen; look at all the Assembly members. These are young men, whom I talked to, spoke to that all these things are for the interest of all of us. Do it. And they all did it. Today, somebody says they are nobody. Will you accept that?

“Look at Assembly people sat down in their various constituencies. You never brought a dime. I never knew you were so rich; I never knew your father was a managing director of Shell before and now you are feeding Assembly people, paying their children’s school fees. I never knew that. It’s unfortunate.”

Wike reiterated that he would not abandon Ogu people, emphasizing that from 1999 to 2014, no governor in the state had recognized the traditional institution in Ogu/Bolo, but he broke the jinx.

He berated traditional rulers in the area who failed to be appreciative of  the person who lifted them up.

“I have maintained peace. And I will continue to maintain peace. And I want all of you to continue to maintain peace. There will come a time when nobody can tell me that I would not live in my house. Nobody can tell me that I cannot go to my house. Maintain peace and follow law. Follow due process,” he advised.

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