Abuja Policemen Chase Away Grieving Parents Who Went To Report Stolen Baby At Station


There was drama at the Jikwoyi division of the Federal Capital Territory Police Command in Abuja on Friday after some policemen chased away a couple, Raymond and Nkechi Onwudiachi, the grieving parents of a one-year-old boy, Fabulous, who was stolen by a yet-to-be-identified suspect.

SaharaReporters learnt that the female police officer, who is in charge of the case alongside her colleagues whose names could not be ascertained as at time of this report, humiliated the couple and asked them to be bundled out of the premises for bringing journalists to the station over their missing child.

The baby was stolen in broad daylight on Thursday at about 2pm near the Assemblies of God Church at Transformer bus Stop Jikwoyi Phase 1 few meters away from the police station while in company of his sister and brother.

SaharaReporters exclusively gathered that the mother asked her nine years old daughter, Favour, alongside her seven year old son, Famous, shortly after they returned from school to take Fabulous to their grandmother’s house and have their lunch.

The distance between the two locations was few meters away.

The children were said to been accosted  while on their way by a man who pretended to be their father’s friend who offered them money to buy biscuits and took away the baby from them, saying he was sent by their father.

In attempt by the children to confirm the veracity of the claim by the strange man and if truly he was sent by their father, they hurriedly rushed back to their father’s shop which was directly opposite the grandmother’s house, leaving behind the baby with the strange man.

Parents of the missing child

Upon their arrival at the shop they narrated what transpired but the father denied sending anybody to give them money or collect baby from them.

At this point the father became agitated, sensing that there was a problem as he quickly rushed to inform his wife in her shop and asked the children to take them to the location where it happened.

Meanwhile, the matter was said to be reported at the Jikwoyi Police station.

The distraught parents who have yet to come to terms with the reality of the tragic incident on Friday took the photographs of the baby to the police station but met more than what they bargained for as the police officers embarrassed and chased them away for coming with journalists to the station.

However some journalists who wanted to get the reaction of the police on the matter after they interviewed the father of the baby were also chased away and even threatened with arrest.

The couple tried in vain to explain to the officers that they were the ones who asked the journalists to come so that the police would confirm the incident to them.

The officers later asked one of the policemen at the gate to bundle them out of the station despite the entreaties by the parents of the missing baby to calm frayed nerves.

Raymond is staff of the Ministry of Defence and he expressed worry and disappointment over the ignoble action of the police towards their plight.

He therefore called on Nigerian to help him in looking put for his baby adding that he could be reached on 07067079759.

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