Afe Babalola explains his demand for interim government


A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr Afe Babalola, yesterday reiterated his call for an interim national government to be set in motion by the current administration, insisting that the security, economy as well as the entire machinery of government has collapsed.

Babalola, who is the Founder, Afe Babalola University, speaking on Arise Television, maintained that the current Nigerian constitution remains a fraud which is null and void or at least voidable.

He called on the Muhammadu Buhari administration and the National Assembly to organise and put in place a temporary government which shall oversee the enactment of a new constitution, insisting that the current administration has failed in its duty to ensure that the welfare of Nigerians remains its primary purpose of existence.

The elder statesman argued that the interim government will comprise persons nominated by various professional groups like the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), noting that all living past presidents and selected governors as well as ministers will be part of the new arrangement.

The legal icon had come under severe fire from a cross section of Nigerians for his controversial position, including the Governor of Imo State, Mr Hope Uzodinma, who noted that the call was an invitation for anarchy.

But Babalola argued that many parts of the world who were at a crossroads at a point in their national life, had instituted interim governments to salvage their countries, stressing that Nigerians should be worried about the deteriorating state of the nation.

Having addressed several letters to the authorities, Babalola stated that it was time to go public and pressure the government to do, what in his opinion, is right.

“In this country, there’s regime collapse now. We do not want war, we do not want another Biafra. We do not want the ordinary people to rise and revolt. We do not want students to go on the rampage.

“Common sense dictates that now that there’s collapse of the economy, collapse of security, collapse of the naira which was one to one when I was young, these people should know that they have failed.

“These are failed leaders, failed to comply with what the constitution says they should do: the welfare and security of the people. They on their own ought to say, let us have an interim government when we are going, since we cannot do the job,” he suggested.

According to the senior lawyer, the interim government will be organised on a zero party basis comprising bankers, lawyers, former political leaders, journalists, medical association, among others, who will not be paid for their service to the nation.

He contended that the new constitution will spell out the new qualifications for leadership at all levels and criticised the N100 million presidential forms being sold by the All Progressives Congress (APC), arguing that it has cut off many Nigerians living within their means from holding leadership positions.

Babalola argued that Nigeria needs a president who can work for at least 18 hours a day, contending that there was no need for elections since there will be a new set of “honest people” who will give Nigeria a new constitution going into the future.

He suggested that the current legislature will make the law that will enable the interim government until Nigeria has a new constitution and a new set of leaders who will emerge based on merit.

“ This regime has failed the country politically, economically, security wise and so on. So , let them leave a legacy that shows they are still interested in the people. It is very easy. It has been done in other countries, ” he argued.

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