Amid Eulogies , Nígerians Buried Comm. Leader In Brazil,Bids Farewell To Oluwatuyi


Amid Eulogies , Nigerians in Brazil , this weekend, Sunday 3rd July 2022 , interred the remains of its Community President , Late Dr.Emmanuel Oluwatuyi in Saopaulo, Brazil

Dr. Emmanuel Oluwatuyi , who joined his ancestors on the 30th of June ,2022 was laid to rest in a ceremony worthy of a king. It was full of eulogies from Christian leaders, Traditionalists , Muslim leaders , Relatives , Business associates , Embassies and Diplomatic representatives

Wife , daughter of Late Dr.Oluwatuyi and Hon Emeka (Vice President , NICOM

During the funeral service, which was held at the Cemitério de Saudades , São Miguel , Saopaulo, the Vice President of the Community , Hon Emeka , described the deceased, who died at 67 , as a man of many parts that meant many things to different people. According to him , the late president gave hope to many in despair and brought smiles to the faces of many

Oba Adekunle Aderounmu , Iyakemi and Dr Dele Yussuf

The service attracted dignitaries from all walks of life within and outside the country, including the Ambassador Of Nígeria to Brazil , Prof . Mohammad Makarfi , his wive , Aisha Makarfi and other dignitaries from the Nigerian Embassy, the President of African Cultural Centre , Oba Adekunle Aderonmu , IFA priest Najeem Adegboyega ( Omo Odo Agba) Dr Alex Colman , Hon James , Hon Nicholas Ethans , Babatunde Oluwatuyi, Sade Oluwatuyi , Titilayo Oluwatuyi, IFA Priest Adimula , Pastor John , Attamah , Mr. Ifeayin Embassy , Chido (Afrobrasilink) Hon Innocent, Dr. Dele Yussuf , Dra Iya Kemi Salami , Hon Esosa , Comrade Lawrence Idowu , Pastor Kayode , Alfa Bola , Hon Chika Emmanuel , Hon. Bimbo Olowo Ife , Hon. Fatboy , Hon Sam , Elder Michael Adebowale , Executives of NIDOA (Brazil Chapter) Evangelist Temitope and Hon Hilary , Sister Titilayo Fadeyi , Engineer Abdulrahmon , Hon . Yomi Okoro , Baba Tokunbo, Hon .Darlington Hon Faruk , Hon Benjamin , Sister Yemisi , Alhaja Rashidat and several other dignitaries.

Reverend father and Mr .Ifeanyi Embassy

The Nigerian Ambassador, who eulogized the deceased , said : “ Nigeria has missed an enigma in Brazil , Dr Oluwatuyi was very passionate about the development and the future of his people , he was a Nigerian of example who dedicated his lifetime helping others , we would greatly miss him.” , Prof .Makarfi eulogized

Hon . Nicholas and Ambassador Makarfi

The Ifa priests present chanted the verses of Ifa with songs of praises to Olodumare, they thanked the supreme being for all that Oluwatuyi represented while on Earth , Adegboyega , Aderonmu ,Adimula all chanted verses of importance in the literary corpus to thank Olodumare


Oba Adekunle Aderounmu , Iyakemi and Dr Dele Yussuf
Babatunde Oluwatuyi , Titilayo Oluwatuyi , Sade Oluwatuyi at the grave with Nigerians laying the remains to rest

Pastors , Reverends and Christian families and singers described him as a humanist who will find solace in the living God , Pastor John emotionally prayed and asked God to accept the soul of the deceased in paradise .

Muslims brothers also prayed , they wished him well and asked God to lead the deceased to Al-janat , which is the everlasting life , a place where there will be no more sorrow or death .

Hon Nicholas and Hon James

Dr .Alex Colman PHD , spoke in Latin , the Vatican language , he related the importance of Oluwatuyi to all that knew him , he asked God to accept his soul in the paradise .

Ifa priest Adimula and Oba Aderonmu greeting the Nígeria Ambassador Makarfi

Quite emotive , Dr Dele Yussuf said : “ I thought I knew all about medicine , but I didn’t , Dr Oluwatuyi asked for money , God gave him , asked for family , he had it , asked God for life , but God was thinking…….” – The Cardiologist concluded wishing the deceased a peaceful journey to eternity.

Families and well wishers at the burial
The Ambassador and Aisha Makarfi signing condolences at the burial

The two pastors who prayed at the chapel , Pastor Maxwell and Pastor Charles , both urged Christians to always believe in God and Jesus Christ, who overcame death and brought eternal life through His precious blood

The remains was conducted to the cemetery where the deceased was finally put to rest .

Friends / Ifeanyi and Adeyinka Olaiya
Families and well wishers at the burial
Nicholas and Oba Aderonmu
Alfa Abiola and Adeyinka Olaiya
Families and well wishers at the burial
Daughter and wife of Late Dr Oluwatuyi
Pastor John and Hon Nicholas
Nicholas and Babatunde Oluwatuyi

Dr . Alex Colman and families of the deceased

Dr . Alex Colman eulogizing the late Dr Oluwatuyi in Latin





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