Army General, 6 Officers Shot dead in Taraba


Seven military officers, including a Army General, have been shot dead after a clash between the Kuteb ethnic group and Fulani in Takum local government area of Taraba. According to a resident of Takum, the clash occurred on Tuesday, when suspected Fulani militia renewed attacks on about 15 communities.

“Before 6:30 a.m., they (attackers) were at Tati community in Takum. The first casualty was a mobile police officer who was shot and had his gun taken away; “Another mobile police officer got away,” the source revealed.
He alerted the military, who mobilised their men on motorcycles for a counter-offensive against the Fulani militia.

“The soldiers confronted the attackers. The soldiers claimed they had not seen their commanding officer, and two destroyed motorcycles were discovered with no occupants. They emerged from the woods around 5 p.m. “They came out with dead bodies.” he said. He also claimed that a leaked phone conversation with one of the attackers stated that they killed six soldiers, and that the recovered motorcycles and the CO’s car could support that claim.

He claims that the situation in Takum is tense, despite the fact that people are going about their daily lives. Taraba police spokesperson Abdullahi Usman confirmed six soldiers and the Commanding Officer were killed in the clash.

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