Bandits Release Kajuru PDP Chairman’s Family Members After Killing One


Gunmen who abducted the family members of the Kajuru Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman in Kaduna State have freed them.

The abducted citizens were freed on Monday night, April 25, weeks after their abduction.

The kidnapped family members include Joseph Barde, Gambo Barde, Obadiah yohanna Barde, Bamaiyi Joseph Barde, Blessing yohanna Barde, Jennifer yohanna Barde, Salama Gombo.

One of the kidnapped victims was earlier released on health grounds, while the bandits demanded ransom for the release of the others.

The bandits later killed one of them over the family’s failure to respond to their demands.

They have now released the remaining five members of the family.

Those released are: Obadiah Barde, Bamaiyi Joseph, Salama Gambo, and Jennifer Yohanna.

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