Breaking: Fresh Facts Emerge On Death Of OAU MBA Student, Dr Adedoyin’s Angle Explained


More facts have emerged on the case of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife MBA student, Timothy Adegoke Oludare whose disappearance and eventual death has been generating a lot of controversies in the past couple of days and has led to the arrest of the owner and 6 staff of the hotel where he allegedly lodged before his disappearance.

Aderibigbe Adekunle of the Vanguard for Truth Foundation, a non-governmental organisation made it known that;

1. There are indications that there are some new revelations about some of accusations made against the Ife-born educationist and business man especially by the brother of the deceased who has been going all over various media to accuse the hotelier of using his brother for rituals

2. It was gathered that the initial denial of the hotel management as to whether Adegoke lodged with them was because there was no record of any payment by him in the Hotel’s account, but it was later that it was detected that he made payment into the personal account of the receptionist which normally is wrong.

3. Another fact discovered during the investigations was that the hotel had operated for less than 2 years and had never recorded any death as the public was led to believe by the deceased brother.

4. Also, the lady receptionist who was recently employed by the hotel is on a salary of twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000) and not two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) as being spread in some media

5. It was discovered that the person called Alfa which could be misinterpreted as an Islamic cleric and possibly a spiritualist or ritualist is actually a plumber and maintenance manager in the hotel and is neither a cleric nor a ritualist.

6. As a very busy person, Dr. Adedoyin is not personally involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel in question as he has other more important businesses which include

5 tertiary institutions within and outside Nigeria, security outfit, publishing and hospitality business.
7. It was also found out that Adedoyin did not become rich overnight like many wealthy Nigerians, but has been in the business of education for more than 40 years starting as home lesson teacher, owner of tutorial college, a private polytechnic, and a university before venturing into the hotel business.

8. From investigations on the fees and population of Oduduwa University alone, Adedoyin obviously makes money aside from universities owned by him in the USA and Ghana where they pay in dollars and many other businesses and investments that have good returns, so he does not need any ritual.

9. It was also discovered that Dr Adedoyin is a devout Muslim who has performed holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem several times. He has also greatly contributed to the development of Ife land and Osun State

10. Contrary to the claim that the exhumed Timothy’s corpse was mutilated, the whole body parts were intact and the autopsy being conducted was to discover the cause of death.

11. A fact being overlooked by many is that according to the earlier statement by the wife, the deceased was sick when he left home, and that was one of the reasons the wife kept checking on him by phone calls.

12. Also, Timothy’s elder brother openly threatened to tarnish and destroy Adedoyin’s name and his businesses and has been doing just that, on different social media platforms to drag Oduduwa University into a matter that happened at a hotel.

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