Britain To Send Ukraine Its Starstreak Missiles Said to Be The Fastest Projectile In The World

The United Kingdom has confirmed it will send Starstreak high-velocity portable missiles to Ukraine to help it fight against Russian invaders.
The SunUK said the confirmation was given by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs last night.
He said the missiles will shoot down Russian military aircraft.
Travelling at over three times the speed of sound, each one splits into three darts to puncture armour before warheads detonate.
The Belfast-made missiles can be shoulder-mounted or attached to a vehicle.
Mr Wallace said: “This system will remain within the definition of defensive weapons but will allow the Ukrainian forces to better defend their skies.”
He also confirmed 3,615 NLAW anti-tank weapons have been given to the Ukrainians.
They have been used with devastating effect during the war so far.
Mr Wallace also said “small consignments” of Javelin anti-tank missiles would be supplied to Ukraine.
These longer-range missile can strike targets up to 2.5km away.
The Defence Secretary said on Wednesday: “Few of us would not have been moved by President Zelensky’s speech yesterday.”

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