Buhari’s Salary In Four Years Cannot Cover APC Nomination Form – Group Blasts APC, Buhari Over N100m Cost of Form

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been lambasted by a youth group for allowing his party fix N100 million as amount for the purchase of its nomination and expression of interest forms.
The group, Coalition of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Leaders Assembly, COSMBYLA while condemning the decision of Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, said such decision can encourage corruption.
The group said it wonders how someone applying for a job with a remuneration of N56 million for four years will be expected to apply for the job with N100 million the president and his party are not planning to steal from the country.
In a press release signed by leaders of the various zones that make up the group, including its president general, Goodluck Ibem demanded the reasoning behind the high cost of the party’s presidential form.
“We are alarmed over the outrageous cost of APC nomination and Expression of interest forms of N100 million for Presidential, N50 million for governorship, N20 million for Senatorial and N10 million for federal house of representative.
“The approval of these outrageous fees for mere nomination and Expression of interest forms of a party in power confirms the party as a cesspool of corruption.”
The group knocked President Buhari, saying in 2014 he criticised the party for fixing the fee of N27.5 million for the presidential forms ahead of the 2015 general elections, but under him, his party is now demanding N100 million, and he is keeping quiet.
Analysing the salaries of the president, COSMBYLA said: “The annual salary of the president of Nigeria is N14,058,820.00k. In 4 years it would be N56,235,280.00k. How will someone apply for a job with N100 million, other campaign expenses exclusive just to earn N56, 235,280.00k.
“President Buhari is an employee of Nigerians and he is answerable to Nigerians who elected him into power in 2015 and 2019. As youth leaders of this country who have the interest of our nation Nigeria at heart, We demand to know how someone whose salary will amount to N56,235,280 in 4 years will be applying for the same job with a whopping sum of N100 million.”
The group said if an APC presidential aspirant brings out N100 million to purchase his party’s Presidential forms, spends all the monies needed to campaign around the country and settle political party heavyweights he would definitely steal from Nigerians to recoup when sworn in.
They said: “President Buhari has confirmed to Nigerians that all this time he contested for the office of the President, he was not contesting to be President so that he can build Nigeria, but rather he was contesting so that he can destroy what is left of the country.
“How can one explain that when President Buhari came into office, one dollar was exchanged for N160 and now under his watch the same one dollar is N580. Foreign investors were coming in to invest in our economy but today all of the investors have left because of insecurity.
“President Buhari has failed Nigerians and we cannot pretend about it. Nigerians are tired of this administration, we are waiting for the President’s resignation.”

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