“Build Good Foundation” Col. Hameed Ali Tells Cadets in Lagos


In a visit to the Nigeria Customs Training College, Lagos. The Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd) has beaconed on the Basic Course 1 Cadets, 2022 to build a firm foundation as they are about to be full Customs Officers.


He made this appeal as he visited the Cadets in Lagos today, the 16th of March, 2022. “All of you must be ready to build a good foundation and its upon that foundation that your growth and strive as Customs Officers can be built. I want to stress this, if you have a shaky foundation, you can be rest assured that the subsequent blocks you put will crumble. I expect each and every one of you to be committed as intending Customs Officers”. Col. Ali reiterated.

He commended the Commandant of the Training College, Comptroller Mustapha Sarkin-Kebbi and the DCG, Human Resource and Development for turning the Cadets into a combatant and disciplined set of people within two months.

He said, “I went through training as a Cadet in Nigeria Defence Academy, I know a lot of work has been put to turn you from raw civilians to what you are today. I make bold to say, at what I saw today at drill and parade performance, I can compete with any Recruit in Nigeria Army. I, therefore, believe, that a lot has been put into you and also, you as products have assimilated not only the drill but also the educational aspect of Customs”.

Ali also harped on E- Customs, as he emphasized the need for all Customs Officers, particularly the Cadets to be computer complaint as the era of pen and oaper, will soon be over.

Speaking on the selection process the CG said, “We came out with a plan to allocate because we are recruiting four categories of officers, level 8, 6, 4 and 3.
We made it clear that every local government out of the 774 local governments in Nigeria will produce four Customs Officers each in the categories. That is how we have worked through what we are seeing today.
We went through the process with a lot of challenges because a lot of people are not used to this process. In the past people bring names and they are recruited, but we changed that we want to ensure only those who are interested in becoming Customs Officers are selected for this. We must make the spread as regards the Federal Character Commission and this is the first time that any Service in Nigeria has set out a format for recruitment like this. The Federal Character Commission states that we should be neutral in recruitment.

We are happy to be the pioneer for this. These cadets have shown that they are into the system because they want to.
We started in 2019, we have done the CBT because the first step is to apply on the system when we open the platform. Then the system does the segregation of only the type of discipline that we require, once that is done those that were sorted out will now go through the CBT test. After that those who made the cut-off point will go through the screening”.

“Nigeria Customs Service is not just a routine Para-Military, it’s highly technical in nature by the Job they do and today, I make bold to say also, that in the entire Government Component, we are the most ICT qualified Agency.”

He wished the Cadets success in their forthcoming examination and he rated their overall performance 70%.

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