Chief Bags 40 years Jail Term For Raping 18-year-old Girl


A Chief in Wajir County of Kenya identified as Kalimoi Shale has been handed 40 years jail term for having unlawful carnal knowledge of an 18-year-old girl.


The convict was found guilty of raping the girl and sharing her n*de images online after she refused to accept his continuous abuse.

A statement released by the Director of Public Prosecutions read;

“Chief Kalimoi Shale of Wajir was found guilty of r*ping an 18-year-old girl on multiple occasions and using his position to force her to accept an out-of-court settlement through Maslaha, a cultural conflict resolution model common in North Eastern Kenya.

“The chief was also accused of circulating the victim’s n*de photos on social media after she refused to accept his continuous abuse.”

The chief who was directed to pay Ksh500,000 fine which will act as compensation for the victim, will serve 20 years in jail for r*pe and 20 years for distributing the images belonging to the victim. He will serve the two sentences concurrently.

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