Come To The Negotiating Table Without Delay, Zelensky Begs Russia


President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Russian officials to come to the negotiating table “without delay”.

Zelensky said this on Thursday, according to BBC.
Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and since the war broke out, there are accusations and counter-accusations.

Over three million people were said to have fled Ukrain to neighbouring countries.
Zelensky had said that at least 1,300 of Ukranian soldiers have been killed so far.

However, the president urged Russia to limit its own losses, saying it’s time to restore “territorial integrity and justice” for Ukraine.
On Saturday President Vladimir Putin of Russia accused Ukraine of stalling peace talks with “unrealistic proposals”.

Also Mariupol’s mayor, Vadym Boychenko , said street fighting was hindering rescuers reaching hundreds of survivors trapped beneath a shelled theatre.
Boychenko said Ukrainian forces are doing their all to hold off a larger Russian force inside the southern port city.

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