Convention: My chairmanship will end APC internal crisis, says Musa


A frontline national chairmanship aspirant in the February 26 national convention of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Sani Musa, has promised to end internal crisis through pragmatic leadership in the party’s National Working Committee (NWC).

The lawmaker representing Niger East said he would institutionalise the party, ensure strict adherence its constitution and regularly observe its conventions.

He unveiled what he called a three-cardinal objective plan, code-named 3-Rs (Reconciliation, Reorganisation and Restructuring), as his action plan to reposition the APC for efficiency and good governance.

Musa spoke on Wednesday night on Channels Television programme, “Politics Today”, monitored by our correspondent in Abuja.

“We plan to make APC an institution, a corporate entity. When I make it an institution, that means it is an entity whereby we must abide by all the guidelines, rules and regulations. We have a constitution we must abide by. We have guidelines that we must follow and we have a manifesto from which everybody elected under the party gets a sense of belonging to the party. As such, the supremacy of the party is intact.

“In everything we do, we have to follow the party’s convention. What are the conventions? There must be meetings in the party’s secretariat,” he said.

The senator, who said he was in the race to make the difference in party’s administration, promised to transform APC, not only for producing candidates for elections but to be an entity that would build leaders at all levels of government across the country.

The chairmanship aspirant said this is reason he would use the 3-Rs to reposition the party.

“When elected as the National Chairman of APC, I am coming in with three cardinal objectives and those objectives are my 3-Rs. That is reconciliation, reorganisation and restructuring.”

“First, I will reconcile all the divisions that we have. I will try as much as possible, based on what we have as the constitution of the party and what the guidelines have spelt out. I will work towards that and I will try as much as possible to create cohesion, build bridges.”

On how to end the perennial face-off between party leaders and their governors, Musa suggested strict adherence to the party’s constitution.

He said: “The basic thing is that once there is rule of law, once there is constitutionality, I don’t think we should have any problem. It all depends on the kind of leadership we are going to put.

“If you have a leadership that will be going for personal interest instead of public interest, then there will be a problem. I will tell you that the kind of leadership I want to bring is the leadership that will protect the interest of Nigerians, that will protect all members of the APC and even those elected under the banner of the APC.

“I don’t have any fear. Everyone has his kind of qualities in terms of leadership. When you come up with a leadership that is very transparent and clean, I believe that even the governors also want to see themselves to be very clean and transparent.

“If you are playing politics, in every organ of that political structure, those who have been elected under the platform of that political party are partners in progress. We must partner, we must coordinate one another.

“We must also give that due respect to each organ of this political setup. Democracy is all about people and all we need to do is to see how we can engineer the system along with the Constitution of the party.”

Musa expressed optimism that the party would win the 2023 general election.

The national chairmanship aspirant insisted that the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in infrastructural development and social welfare are the party’s unique selling points (SP) that attract Nigerians to the APC.

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