Demand Tickets From LASTMA When Arrested Or Your Vehicle Is Towed – Lagos Government Tells Commuters


The Lagos state government has asked motorists to demand tickets from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) when their cars are towed.


The directive was given by the Assistant Director, Ministry of Transport, Olayinka Olawole, during a chat with journalists.

Olawole said;

“Let us obey the rules; there are lots of petitions on the gridlock. When they tow your vehicle to any LASTMA yard, you have the right to demand tickets. Whatever fine they give to you, you can still tender it for redress; we have a department that handles that”

Also explaining why LASTMA officials collected money from motorists to tow broken-down vehicles on the road, Olawole added;

“You will also know that all these towing vehicles they are using are privately owned.

“The other money you have to pay, you will do that to the government coffers; don’t pay to any individual. If you are arrested wrongly, you have the right to come to the state government. Always demand tickets if anybody impounds your trucks.”

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