Dr Chinelo: I’ve Forgiven Those Who Mocked My Daughter Over Tweets After She Was Shot – Father


Mr Ifeanyi Megafu, the bereaved father of Dr Chinelo Megafu who died in the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28, 2022, on Thursday said he felt bad about the tweets which followed his daughter’s call for help during the attack.

Dr Chinelo

On the day of the attack, Chinelo tweeted, “I’m on the train, I have been shot please pray for me.”

However, she was trolled and accused of clout-chasing with the incident. Some Twitter users asked her if she was dead yet.

Speaking on that, Megafu said at his daughter’s ongoing funeral service at the Shepherdhill Baptist Church in Lagos that he has forgiven his daughter’s mockers.

He urged the government to fix the country “so that we will stop losing our young ones and the best and brightest will not be taken away like Chinelo.”

He corroborated a statement by one of Chinelo’s friends Steph Adamu that the dental surgeon “was just inches away from leaving this country to further her studies and go practice in an environment devoid of hate and fear.”

Chinelo, 29, was the first of her parents’ three children.

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