EFCC Operatives Broke Hotel Doors, Arrested Lodgers In Oyo State


It has been reported that the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have allegedly raided and arrested many lodgers at A3 hotels Samonda in Ibadan, Oyo State.

A young woman, who shared her experience on a Twitter thread, noted that she lodged with her lover in the hotel which they had patronised several times since 2020.

According to her, around 3am, two men barged into their room screaming that they were EFCC operatives and asking them to bring their phones.

She asserted that she kept calm although she was scared because her boyfriend had a nerve condition and was into crypto-currency.

She said she gave them her phone first so her boyfriend could hide his crypto-currency apps. According to her, they returned her phone after she said she was a baker and confirmed with pictures of her work.

“They started searching my boyfriend’s phone and one asked if I was his girlfriend or wife and I decided to seize the opportunity to make small talk and jokes. Told him I’m his girlfriend but I’m on the way to becoming his wife. He laughed and asked why he hadn’t married me yet, I said no money.

“He said but we had money for a hotel, I said hotel money was small, we wanted a big wedding. He laughed and said we must marry. I said definitely and I’d even send an invite to them. He laughed and asked his colleague to give my man his phone back because of me. That they should move on to other rooms.

“They broke every single room in every single building here and the hotel has 3 buildings. The hotel is A3 hotels, Samonda, opposite Ventura. They raided all rooms and packed a lot of guys and girls. Drove their cars away too. Beat some, punished some. It was horrible,” she wrote.

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