Family Reacts As Troops Allegedly Killed Innocent Herder In Jos


Operation Safe Haven, a special security group tasked with keeping peace in Plateau, Bauchi, and Kaduna States, has been accused of killing one Abubakar Musa, a 23-year-old herder, in the Donkasa community of Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Confirming the development, the Fulani community in Jos said Musa was slain when security personnel arrived and began firing intermittently in an attempt to apprehend some people.

Father of the deceased, Jibrin Abubakar, while narrating the incident said, “I was at home when a man came in that soldiers came to the community, arrested three persons and shot Abubakar.

“This is not proper because Abubakar, being an innocent person doesn’t deserve this. We don’t know our offence. Those who have committed this dastardly act have committed a big mistake.

“If someone has committed a crime, the person should be investigated before any action is taken.

Correspondingly, Asiya Muhammad, the mother of the victim, condemned the killing, saying, “They should have killed me instead of my son because he is still young and has left children behind.

“The soul that committed this crime has indeed cheated on me, his wife and children I have.”

During the funeral, Brig Gen MO Agi, said, “The GOC has sent his condolences to the immediate family of the deceased and entire Fulani community.

“The GOC has ordered an immediate investigation into the matter I assure you that things like this will never happen again. I assure you that whoever is involved, will be finished.

“I want to appeal to all of you on behalf of the GOC to be calm. We know it is painful. But you have be be patient and see what is going to happen.”

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