FG Revokes Training Contract For Former Niger Delta Militants


The innovative Train, Employ and Mentor (TEM) scheme run by Express Concern International (ECN) for former Niger Delta Militants has had its training contract cancelled by the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

Col. Milland Dikio, the interim administrator, and Mr. Neotabase Egbe, the special adviser for media, both stated that the contract had been terminated due to a breach of the agreement.

Egbe said that the dismissal came as a result of a claim made by the Concerned Indigenes of Oil Mineral Producing States Forum (CIOMPSF) that the corporation had misused monies from the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

He added that each job awarded by PAP was secured by a performance bond provided by the benefiting firm, enabling the amnesty office to recover its money in the event of a contractor’s default, and that the amnesty office had also activated its internal mechanism to retrieve the money it paid to the firm through the performance bond.

He stated:

“Reports that a contractor, Express Concerns International Limited, misused funds granted to them to teach 90 former protesters in the agriculture value chain have caught the attention of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

In fact, Express Concerns International Limited had been hired by the PAP to train its recipients. However, due to the contractor’s violation of the terms of the contract, the contract was cancelled by letter dated June 14, 2022.

Contracts are only given to serious contractors who can fulfil their contractual commitments, not to simply anyone who submits a proposal.

“However, each job that PAP awards comes with an insurance bond that guarantees the scheme will get its money back if the contractors fail to perform. In order to recover the mobilization charge given to the employer, the PAP wrote to the guarantor firm or insurance company.

“While the PAP administration acknowledges the stakeholder interests expressed by different groups, it should be understood that deliberate steps were taken to reform contractual procedures and close all loopholes that could be used to defraud the programme.

“We want to further reassure all stakeholders that PAP’s contracts are created with the program’s beneficiaries in mind, not any contractor’s financial gain.”

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