Fubara faults police silence on Port Harcourt explosion


Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, has expressed surprise at the Nigerian Police Force’s silence over the recent attempted detonation of an explosive device in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The incident occurred during a protest by supporters demanding an extension of tenure for former local government council chairmen.

Fubara wondered why after many weeks, the police have yet to make a statement or take action.

The governor maintained that if the act was done by supporters linked to him, terrorism charges would have been slammed on them.

Fubara stated his worries shortly after swearing in Emmanuel Frank-Fubara as the new Commissioner for Finance at the Executive Chambers of Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday.

In a statement issued by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Nelson Chukwudi, and made available to newsmen on Monday, the governor insisted that Rivers State, as known today, has only one enemy who is vehemently opposed to his administration, with others classified as his offsprings, together making efforts to sink the state.

The governor, however, declared that God has continued to frustrate their plans.

He said, “You know, if it were a situation that (Governor) Fubara is involved in anything, or links Fubara’s associates, by now, Nigeria would have been hot. There would have been arrests, there would have been statements, there would have been counter this or that. There would have been press conferences.

“But, because it is from the other side, nothing is heard yet. But glory to God, they couldn’t hide it forever, even if I have not been hearing anything.”

Fubara emphasised, “I am wondering after how many weeks now, the Nigerian Police is still not able to come out and make a statement about the attempt by the man that tried to detonate a dynamite in front of Presidential Hotel, Port Harcourt.

“I am still wondering why it has not happened. But, maybe, if it was any other thing that has to do with us, they would have charged the person for terrorism.

“But, you see, this God that I serve, we are serving genuinely. This God that Rivers State has been dedicated to by our predecessors because when they make statements, they say: Rivers State belongs to God, and that is the God that is saving and lifting us.”

He pointed out that his administration is satisfied with its dealings with the Rivers State House of Assembly which is duly recognised by law to carry on with its legislative duties and provide the requisite support for the effective functioning of the executive without interruption of governance.

Fubara charged the newly sworn-in commissioner to ensure he does not disappoint.

He also urged him to use the opportunity to touch lives, while making the state proud with the quality of service he will render by defending it always.

He said, “It doesn’t matter how long or short I have known him. But within the short period of knowing him, he has proven himself to be a gentleman.

“So, Mr Frank, this honour that God has given to you today, it is not for you to wear one big cap and put one rottweiler in front of your gate, no. Use the opportunity to touch lives.

“But, above all, make the state proud. Work in a manner that you’ve not worked before. Defend the interest of the state. That is what is important, and not to praise me. No. Don’t praise me.

“I believe strongly that you are going to do well and make us proud, and we will continue to make the state great.”


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