Fulani Herdsman Shocks Viewers With His Fluent English As He Gives Solution To Farmer-herder Crisis (Video)


A video of a Fulani herdsman proferring solution to the farmer-herder crisis with a good command of English has been shared online.

The herder, who refers to himself as Ibrahim, said he understands how farmers feel when cattle invade their farms and destroy their crops.

He added that he too feels deep pain if anyone beats or harms his cow.

He acknowledged that he is aware that many of his colleagues leave their cattle to wander into people’s farms and destroy their livelihood.

However, he said violence is not the answer.

He said when the farmers respond by killing or harming the cows, the herders mostly escalate the situation.

He advised farmers to report such herders to the authorities, instead of resorting to violence.

He also advised his fellow herdsmen to try to compensate farmers if their cattle destroyed their crops.

He said: “Please, believe me, it’s not all Fulanis that allow their cows to spoil other’s farm. It’s not all Fulanis.  I know there are the bad ones among us that allow their cows to spoil you guys’ farms. It’s very bad. I know you guys must feel the pain because apart from farming, you don’t have any other business. Like us Fulanis, apart from following cows, we don’t have any other business.

“But I have one advice for you guys, any time that you catch a Fulani man destroying your farm, please, don’t beat him. Just arrest him.”

He said whenever his cow destroys a farm, he finds the owner of the farm and apologises. He said some farmers forgive while others ask him to pay for the damage and he pays.

Watch him speak in the video below;

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