Good Samaritan Raises Alarm After Lagos Hospitals Allegedly Refused To Treat An Accident Victim And Also Held Him Hostage


A good samaritan who helped an accident victim has raised alarm after three hospitals rejected the victim.

The photographer added that he has been locked inside the last hospital he visited because he got tired and dropped the victim in their premises.


He said he was on his way home from work late last night when he saw a man laying on the road, bleeding.

He said those present had called emergency services multiple times but nothing had been done.

He added that he took the victim in his car and asked the police officers who were at the scene to accompany him to the hospital.

He visited 3 hospitals and he said all 3 refused to take the victim in.

He added that the third hospital claimed they had no bed space and the police officers got angry and asked hospital staff to treat the injured man there in the car. However, the staff refused.


At wits’ end, the Good Samaritan said he left the injured man in the hospital premises and made to leave but the hospital ordered security to lock the gate and refuse to let him leave unless he leaves with the injured man.

A video of the injured man has been shared on Instagram.

Actress Kehinde Bankole reshared and called on the Lagos State Government to act fast.

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