How Nigeria Recovered N312 Billion From Anti-Corruption Fight In 2021 — EFCC Reveals


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, has explained that it recovered at least N312.7 billion from its anti-corruption crusade in 2021.

This was contained in a tweet on the official Twitter handle of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The EFCC recovered about 150 billion Naira; 386.22 million in United States dollar (N160 billion); 1.18 million Pounds sterling (N643 million) and 156,246 Euro (N71 million) from 12 cities in the Federation with Lagos, Kaduna, Sokoto and Abuja topping the chart.

A summation of monies recovered in the varied currencies brings the total to approximately N312 billion.

From further analysis, the EFCC through its zones in the cities highlighted recovered approximately N73 billion from Lagos State alone; Abuja (N1.33 billion); Sokoto (N1.9 billion); Kaduna (N3.3 billion); Port Harcourt (N2 billion); Kano (N2 billion); Enugu (N777 million); Benin (N992 million).

Also, the zonal office in Gombe recovered N388 million; Uyo (N391 million); Ilorin (N242 million); Maiduguri (N970.42m) and Makurdi (N121.35m).

The tweet reads, Anti Corruption Fight

@officialEFCC 2021 Total Monetary Recoveries

(By Currency)

– N152.088 billion

– $386.22 million (N160 billion)

– £1.18 million (N643 million)

– €156,246 (N71 million)

@officialEFCC 2021 Recoveries By Zonal Command

– Lagos (N70.31bn, $9.28m, £21,500)

– Abuja (N1.3bn, $60,650, £2,000)

– Sokoto (N1.92bn, $55,950, £4,075)

– Kaduna (N3.33bn, $13,685)

– Port Harcourt (N2.14bn, $125,077)

– Kano (N1.78bn, $194,098, SAR1.72m)

– Enugu (N768.2m, $22,735)

– Benin (N972.05m, $49,240)

– Gombe (N388.59m, $1,500)

– Uyo (N243m, $357,000)

– Ilorin (N240.96m, $7,161)

– Maiduguri (N970.42m)

– Makurdi (N121.35m)


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