Imam Tawhidi Campaigns For The Actualisation of Biafra Republic

A popular Islamic cleric, Imam Tawhidi a.k.a Imam of Peace has taken to Twitter to campaign for a state of Biafra.
According to him, he wants the establishment of Biafra Republic.
Tawhidi is an Islamic scholar from Australia.
In several tweets in the past 48 hours, the Imam drew attention to the killings within Nigeria’s South east and boldly stated that Biafra must be free.
The statements have sent Biafran agitators into a frenzy, making Biafra top Nigerian Twitter trends on Thursday.
To Biafrans, Imam of Peace is now an ally and was celebrated in many responses.
Here are the tweets of the Imam on Biafra and why Biafra was trending on Thursday:

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