Is IBB dead? What happened to Babangida? IBB’s death rumours Surfaces online  


The news of former military president Ibrahim Babangida’s death rumours flooded the Nigerian social media spaces. Some Twitter users and Facebook users claimed that IBB, the former military leader, had died.

ibrahim babangida dead

The IBB death rumours, which went viral in some parts of the media, have many people wondering if Babangida was truly dead.

This is the third time in eight months that the elder statesman has been the subject of death rumour

“The news of Oga IBB’s ‘death’ is not true,” one of his aides said in response to the death rumour.

On Saturday afternoon, May 7, 2022, a source at the Hill Top residence confirmed, “We are with him now; he just finished receiving visitors at his Hill Top residence in Minna.

The rumours of IBB’s death first surfaced in May of last year, then reappeared in January of this year.

Our Verdict:  The news that IBB is dead is fake news and should be disregarded.

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