Kano Farmers Protest Against Government Land Seizure Amid Security Concerns

It’s Grazing Area – Kano Government Insists


Farmers in Dansoshiya Forest are making a stand against the Kano State government’s attempt, led by Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Danjuma Mahmud, to claim their farmlands.

During a peaceful protest, community spokesperson Muhammad Abdullahi highlighted the farmers’ role in reducing local crime: “Our presence in the forest has significantly reduced threats from robbers and kidnappers.”

Abdullahi further emphasized the security benefits brought by the farmers: “The government invited farmers and made farmlands of the entire area… The place is now fully utilised and made inaccessible to the robbers and kidnappers.”

Despite possessing a court order that restrains the ministry from taking over their farms, the farmers are calling on the state government to protect their interests. “We are calling on the Kano State government to call the state’s commissioner for agriculture to order,” Abdullahi stated.

In contrast, Abba Dinki, director of Public Enlightenment for the Ministry, insists that the lands are intended for herders: “The lands in question are lands provided by government as grazing lands… The government intends to recover the place, develop them into proper grazing places for cattle grazing.”

Dinki also addressed the alleged court order: “We have not received any court order restricting the ministry of agriculture from turning the place into a grazing facility.”

The farmers’ plea is clear: they urge reconsideration from the state government to allow continued use of their farmlands, warning that refusal could impact both community well-being and economic stability.

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