Lagos APC urges restraint over #ENDSARS panel report


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State has called for restraint over the reactions to the leaked Endsars Panel Report.

The party, which noted the flurry of comments, innuendos, conjectures and suggestions, advised the public to wait for the authentic report submitted to the state government.

Lagos APC, in a statement by its publicity secretary, Seye Oladejo, said while some of the comments have come from well-meaning Nigerians who sought closure to the unfortunate incident of the protest by ensuring justice for the victims and preventing a re-occurrence, others have literally written their own report to suit a pre-determined purpose.

He said it is distasteful that commentators have based their utter condemnation on a leaked report, which has led to some of the content being disputed by some members of the panel.

He added that it is the height of irresponsibility and inhumanity to seek political gains from our collective trauma as a nation.

Oladejo recalled the commendable leadership role of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu during the crisis by identifying with and addressing the demands of the protesters.

He also recalled that the Lagos State government was the first to set up a panel of enquiry to unravel the mystery behind the incident.

Oladejo pointed out that the panel, during its sittings, enjoyed the the unhindered support of the government to successfully carry out its assignment.

He said the role of the state government in standing with people at the trying moment and keeping faith by publicly receiving its report is no doubt commendable.

Oladejo stressed: “The setting up of a committee to prepare a white paper is also in line with keeping faith.

“The intention of those behind the leaked report should be condemned by all and sundry as it constitutes another attempt to unleash further mystery on the state.

“While we await the white paper on the reports, we want to urge restraints in order not to set our dear state on fire again.

“We commiserate with the families of those who lost their lives during the protest and other police brutality.

“We urge the Lagos State government to remain focused on its constitutional responsibility to protect the lives and property of all citizens and jettison needless distractions.”

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