…impounds 220 commercial motorcycles


The Lagos State Taskforce in its bid to curb enviromental degradation and excesses on the part of miscreants and criminal elements who erect shanties and makeshift buildings haphazardly round State has carried out an extensive clean up exercise along Regional Road in Lekki.

The 8 hour long operation which was anchored by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye saw the demolition of shanties across the entire stretch of the Road defacing the metropilis, constituting environmental and safety concerns to residents and commuters in the State.

CSP Jejeloye described the clearing out exercise as a step carried out by the Agency to restore the enviroment of the Metropolis to its original master plan and give room for developmental activities which have been witnessed across the state..

“Its no longer news to anyone that there is a concerted efforts by the State Government to restore sanity and progression in the State which have been drawn back by the activities of squatters and miscreants who have converted State owned property to private use. We have been on it for weeks clearing out shanties and recovering properties that have been converted to a haven for criminals and urchins in the State.”

Jejeloye further disclosed that during the process of restoring sanity in Lekki, the Agency impounded 220 commercial bikes popularly known as okada along Victoria Island, Bourdillon, Falomo, Ikeja, Abeokuta Expressway, Ojodu Berger and Fagba in a week long operation.

He deacribed the activities of the stubborn okada operators as deplorable and vowed to carry out more traffic enforcement exercises in the coming weeks till they are completely taken off the Highways and restricted routes.

Okada operators across the State are advised to to tow the line of best practices orl receive a major surprise in the coming weeks. Our operations are going to be more intense and thorough to the point that no passenger will be spared once caught on a bike. We will ensure they are prosecuted according to the provisions of the law till other erring riders get the message and desist from such an activity.” Jejeloye stated.

The Chairman assured Lagosians that the activities and operations carried out by the State Government are in the best interest of the citizenry who deserve to live in a safe, serene and habitable environment.

“Shanties are breeding place for criminal elements who come out at night to rob and destroy, therefore they have no place in a Metropolitan City like Lagos. We will ensure that there is no more breeding ground for criminals to run to and by so doing reduce criminality in the State to the bearest minimum”.

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