The Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses Unit (Taskforce) has carried out raids on blackspots at Maruwa Beach, around Brassal Mall on Admiralty Road and other  adjoining areas in Lekki phase 1, Lekki on Friday night to curb the incessant crimes committed by miscreants in that axis. The two places are known to be den for criminals where all sorts of hard drugs are being sold. They also hang around and break wind screens of vehicles parked around and steal their valuables
The operation which was in collaboration with the Maroko Police Division was led by the Chairman of the Lagos State Taskforce, CSP Shola Jejeloye and it lasted for several  hours in the night, leading to the arrest of 39 suspects who are known for terrorizing motorists and dealing in illicit drugs.
CSP Jejeloye in his response to the incident at the Headquarters of the Agency at Oshodi said that he had received series of complaints from residents and members of the public concerning the illegal activities of miscreants who vandalize parked vehicles and steal from passers by indiscriminately.
“We received series of complaints from residents whose cars are vandalized once they are parked for a few hours, and even in traffic valuables from the vehicles are stolen. We wont condone it any longer” he noted.
Jejeloye further stressed that the raid was necessary in order to curb the sale and trafficking of illicit drugs which is slowly becoming a norm around the Coastal roads in Lekki and its environs. Raids and demolition of shanties have been carried out by the Agency last year and a number of suspects who were in possession of hard drugs were arrested and prosecuted
“The sale and consumption of hard drugs is one of the major contributors to the increase in crime rate in our society that is the reason why we have have decided to nip it in the bud. More raids will be carried out to reduce the trade in these subtances drastically” he stated.
CSP Jejeloye vowed that the Agency will not rest on its oars in ensuring that crime rate in Lagos is brought down to the bearest minimum. He urged Lagosians to be the eyes and ears of the Agency and the police in their neighbourhood and ensure that all forms of criminality are reported to  the appropriate authorities for swift action.
The Chairman reiterated  that all the arrested suspects will be charged to court accordingly with all the exhibits recovered from them.

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