Lagos To Relocate 900 Residents From Distressed Buildings


The Lagos State Government is taking proactive measures to address the issue of distressed buildings, particularly the 900 Housing Units at Adeniji Adele, to prevent potential disaster.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, Dr Olajide Babatunde highlighted these efforts during a ministerial briefing in Lagos on yesterday.

The government he said plans to relocate residents in batches to ensure their safety. The relocation process has already commenced, with priority given to occupants of buildings that have collapsed.

Dr. Babatunde emphasised the need for a phased approach due to financial constraints, acknowledging that the current administration may not complete the entire relocation within its tenure.

To address the housing crisis, the government intends to construct new buildings on adjacent land in Adeniji Adele.

“By relocating groups of residents, demolishing and rebuilding structures, the aim is to gradually accommodate all affected individuals.

While the initial focus is on 98 housing units, the long-term goal is to address all 900 units over successive administrations.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by residents, particularly those in sinking houses, Baba- tunde said, “the government is actively resettling individuals and covering their rent expenses.

Additionally, plans are underway to rebuild Obalende, with legal backing from a court ruling, and consultations are ongoing with residents to ensure compliance  with building standards.”

New Telegraph

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