Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing Keke Napep Riders And Claiming Ownership Of Their Tricycles


A man identified as Samson Eze has been arrested in Jos for allegedly killing Keke Napep riders and making away with their tricycles.

True Crime Daniel who narated the sad story via Instagram revealed how the suspect lures the innocent riders to an uncompleted building where he kills them, throws their bodies into a septic tank and then goes back home with their tricycles.

Daniel said:

“This man killed over three Keke napep riders after boarding their tricycles. He would lure them into an uncompleted building and hit them from behind with a stick and throw them into a septic tank.

He would then claim ownership of the tricycle.

After failed attempts to start a business, he decided that he was going to start killing Keke napep riders. He would stop a Keke and direct them to take him to an uncompleted building.

This building happens to be his elder brother’s building which he was working on at the moment. So he used the place to commit his crime.

According to him, whenever he gets home, his wife would ask him how he got it and he would lie that someone borrowed it to him.

But suspicion started growing when he started coming home with different Keke almost every week. It was at this point his elder brother started suspecting that something was off.”

Watch Video Below:

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