Man Begs CBN, FCMB To Unfreeze Account After Spending From ‘Strange’ N330,000 Credited To Account, Threatens Suicide


Shitta Shakiru, a Nigerian man, has pleaded with the First City Monument Bank and the Central Bank of Nigeria to unfreeze his bank accounts and remove him from their blacklist, according to SaharaReporters.

Shakiru said his bank account was credited with N330, 000 instead of N3, 300 on August 8, 2019. He said he withdrew the money at the time to meet a need.

According to him, he spent 75 percent of the total amount after which he observed that his Bank Verification Number had been blacklisted. By January 6, 2020, Shakiru said he had repaid all the money. He thereafter wrote a letter to the bank to remove the restriction on his account, a request which was not granted.

Shakiru said he has been unable to carry out banking transactions and unable to travel outside the country. According to him, he has also found it difficult to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

A mail he wrote to the bank in 2020 reads, “Sometime ago I got an over credit of #330,000 instead #3,300 from GTBank to FCMB account.

“I withdrew the money from the account due to some financial issue I have then which I plead to the bank that I will refund the money back. I paid 75% out of the said amount leaving 25% due amount. But due to some delay in the payment, my BVN was (put on) watchlist.

“And as at January 16, 2020. I refunded all the amount, paid in cash to the bank. I wrote a letter to the bank on the removal of the restriction on my BVN and was told it will be done in a few days’ time. But it has been 4 months after the letter was summited and still nothing has been done regarding the issue.

“I have been to my branch several times on this issue with several calls to their contact centre. I was told every documented document for removal of restriction on my BVN had been forwarded to CBN.

“Please I have been a ghost ever since my BVN was watchlisted, I can’t make any transaction on my accounts, I can’t fill any transaction form, I can’t travel, most importantly what gets me so concerned is that I can’t pay for my mum’s medical bill.

“Please I’m begging the Central Bank of Nigeria to please kindly look into this urgent matter. To enable me to pay my mum’s medical bills because it has become an emergency issue. I hope for a positive response soon.”

In a ‘save my soul’ request written to media houses, Shakiru said he had concluded that his BVN would not be delisted as he threatened to commit suicide.

He wrote, “With all the numerous emails messages and written letters summited to FCMB and Central Bank of Nigeria, I have come to understand that my BVN will not be delisted from the watchlist. From 2019 to date, I have paid all my outstanding obligations as at January 2019 and up till now, nothing has been done.

“I pleaded, wrote an apology letter to the bank to consider how this has been affecting my entire life. I have been living a life of ghost ever since my BVN is on the watchlist. I have some savings amount kept in my other bank so I can continue with my livelihood.

“I have been barred from getting access to my money even when my sick mother was in bed and needed the money for her treatment. I have not been able to secure a job because of this.

“I cannot fill any transaction form or a transaction of a third payment. This system is bad because of N120,000 owe to the bank (FCMB) which was not documented on any agreement for a loan. But the money was paid back in full a week after the blacklisting.

“Prominent people who owe millions of naira were not castigated like this. It has been a bad stigma for my entire life. I’m officially writing a suicide letter to whoever reading because I cannot continue to live a lifeless life anymore. 

“I’m depressed because my so-called country has failed me and I think taking my life will be the best option now. Thank you for your time to read. We meet in the afterlife.”

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