Man Threatens to Pour His Mother Acid For Not Disclosing His Biological Father

Ayoung man has been restrained after attempting to pour acid on his own mother.
According to PM Express, the woman in question has been identified as  Mrs. Christiana Okoye.
It was gathered that she left her first husband in Ajegunle with her five children and got married to another man in Isheri Olofin both in Lagos State, thus creating the problem for herself.
According to the report, one of her children, Tochukwu Emmanuel, later discovered that the man they had lived with and called their father, was not their biological father as their real father was said to be living in squalor in Ajegunle.
Since then, Emmanuel was said to have become angry, which made him to drop from Secondary School and had been tormenting his mother, Mrs. Christiana threatening to kill her.
According to the residents, on two different occasions, Emmanuel had tried to attack his mother and pour acid on her but he has not been so lucky because their neighbours had always intervened and prevented him from doing so.
He was said to have been arrested, charged before the Court and remanded in prison custody but was later released from custody.
But that did not deter him from attempting to carry out his mission to eliminate his mother.
Recently, he went to his mother’s house at Godswill Street, Isheri Olofin in Idimu area of Lagos, broke the iron gate and forced himself inside in order to pour acid on his mother but the barking of the dog alerted the neighbours and he was prevented from entering the apartment.

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