Many Nannies, Aunties Defiling Boys – Tania Omotayo Tells Parents

Model, Tania Omotayo has warned parents to keep closer eyes on their children, especially the boys.


According to her, many boys she knows are being defiled by their nannies and aunties.
She spoke during a discussion on the latest episode of “meherandeverythingelsepod”.
The mother of one stated that a vast majority of the boys she knows were actually ripped off their ‘virginity’ by nannies or aunties away from the school.
“Almost every boy, maybe 95% of the boys I know from Nigeria were ‘disvirgined ‘by their nannies or aunties,” she said
Reacting to Tania Omotayo’s claim, many agreed male children suffer s#xual abuses from close relations though the topic is hardly ever discussed.

anniesenhancebeauty said: “This is 100% true though. I know male friends with stories like this… parents really need to be careful because now it is even worst! If you know you won’t give your kids 100% of you, if you know you’re not ready to take care and protect your kids, better don’t born them yet.”
eloka_eloka_ wrote: “Yes you’re right!! And I’m a victim of that At 5 years, our nanny was already sleeping with me.”
bouquijohnson stated: “It happens tho…. buh most of em hardly talk abt it only if u have a deep conversation with them.”
barakazy said: “Not only from Nigeria, even in Ghana and the sad part is the guys don’t see anything wrong with what the maid did to them.”
marybakes_ph_lagos wrote: “She said nothing but the truth.”
sandrakalu stated: “This is True, the percentage she mentioned might be outrageous but the fact is a whole lot of guys were molested and a lot are still being molested by older women around them.”
marie_shandon_ said: “Same here. When I asked most of my male friends how they lost their virginity. They all said their mom’s friends, aunty, nanny or older cousins.”
iamthatemi wrote: “These are the issues, we don’t talk about male child molestation enough.”
_theladydoctor stated: “Honestly, People are not ready for this conversation….”
janey.frost said: “True…boys are abused too and some of them don’t even know it.”
ceo_patz wrote: “We’re not ready for this topic. Speaking facts.”
mustee_isaa stated: “She’s Very Right… Women Have Abused And Are Abusing Boys… But Society Is So Effeminate That We Don’t Talk About It. Even Young Handsome Men Are Not Safe These Days… They Are Sexually Harassed By Their Female Bosses At Work…And Some Female Neighbours. I Love The Fact That She Speaks The Truth.”

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