Multichoice Of Thieves! Why DSTV, GOTV Deserved To Be Fined N150 Million


Before the arrival of Multichoice Communications into the country, Nigerians were peacefully watching regular television channels without paying through their noses. However, as the paytv company came on board, citizens and residents of the country gradually found themselves in a new paradise of exorbitant payment for watching television programmes.

Trust the creative ingenuity of technologically advanced countries, one of which is South Africa where Multichoice sprang from, they ensured that Nigerians paonfully pay for their services. Not even minding the fact that the country welcomed and hosted the hospitably, the management of Multichoice never cared about how Nigerians work excruciatingly hard to earn their money.

All the company, Multichoice does on regular ocasssion is to hike their fees, both of DSTV and GOTV. Sadly, this company capitalized on the technological weaknesses of Nigerian indigenous TV stations by providing fascinating channels like African Magic, Super Sports and incukcating foreign TV channels like CNN, Aljazeera, BBC, Telemundo in addition to providing medium for kids through the likes of Cartoon Network, Nickledon, Disney Junior amongst others, Multichoice was able to manuavere through the viewing mentality of Nigerians and siphon the of their hard earned, currencies.

High Celebrity Squard News Today, Nigerians are gnashing their teeth for falling victim of the dubious antics of Multichoice Limited. Though, many got excited watching their various preferred channels of the DSTV and GOTV platforms, they however realize that they are actually paying exorbitant money for the lackluster services seldomly offered by Multichoice.

However, the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal, having recently realized the many dubious ways at which Multichoice is holding Nigerians into ransom through outrageous prices placed on its viewing plans, fined the company a whopping sum of N150 million.

This came up on May 7, 2024 when a case of illegal price hike was instituted against Multichoice Limited. So far, Multichoice blocked it’s ears against the order of the CCPT that the company should restrain from increasing it’s pay-TV subscription fees per month and that the 8-day notice given for the increase is a total disrespect to Nigerians. In similar veins, the  CCPT in Abuja also ordered Multichoice to provide one-month free subscriptions to its customers all over the country. Presently, we gathered that the company’s management are running shelter smelter, sourcing vigorously for avenues to clean its image and respect the rights of Nigerians to avoid being totally exterminated from the surface of the country.

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