‘My Son Was Using My Glory’ – Mohbad’s Father Claims


Mr. Aloba, the father of the late musician Mohbad, revealed in a recent video that his son leveraged his own success to gain fame in Nigeria prior to his passing.

In the video, Mr. Aloba shared that Wunmi’s pastor, Mohbad’s widow, informed the family that the late musician had been utilizing his own glory for his musical endeavors.

Despite Mohbad’s use of his own glory for financial gain, Mr. Aloba mentioned that he never directly received money from his son.

Instead, Mohbad consistently provided financial support to his mother and even helped her establish businesses.

In his words;

“My son was using my glory, Wunmi’s pastor told Wunmi that it’s my glory Mohbad was using, My son had money but didn’t give me, he was giving his mother millions when I got to where he Rented 3 shops for his mother, I was marveled.

“I was like you millions, have you maintained a 500k shop before talkless of 3 shops of 20million, Mohbad Mother was the one taking all the money, she doesn’t even know the school Mohbad attended talkless of any Mohbad school friends, but God so good, where is the money today?

Wunmi was leaving the house angrily for 3days because of the text messages she saw on Mohbads phone.”

Watch Video Below;

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