Newly Graduated UNIBEN Student Kidnapped, Tortured, Gang-R£ped, Killed in Edo; 66-Year-Old Widowed Mother Seeks Justice


A devastating tragedy has struck the family of Glory Idowu Adekolure, a 22-year-old Biochemistry graduate of the University of  Benin (UNIBEN), who was brutally kidnapped, tortured, gang-r£ped, and murdered in Edo state. Her lifeless body was discovered in the  Iyowa community in  Benin, Edo state, leaving her loved ones and entire nation in shock and mourning.

Newly Graduated UNIBEN Student Kidnapped, Tortured, Gang-Raped, Killed in Edo; 66-Year-Old Widowed Mother Seeks Justice"

Glory’s 66-year-old widowed mother, who had struggled to raise her and fund her  education, is now crying out for justice, joined by her family, friends, and community. The tragic loss has sent waves of grief and outrage across the country, with many demanding swift and severe action against the perpetrators.

The young graduate’s senseless murder has sparked widespread condemnation of the escalating kidnapping, rape, and murder of women in Nigeria. The incident has also highlighted the country’s deteriorating security situation, which has left no one feeling safe, from teenagers to the elderly.

Ejes Gist News reports that Glory’s brutal killing has shaken the University of  Benin community, with students and staff mourning the loss of a promising young life cut short. Her death has also resonated with Nigerian youths, who are demanding justice and an end to the rampant violence and impunity plaguing the nation.

As the search for the perpetrators continues, the people of Nigeria are united in their call for justice and an end to the senseless bloodshed. The memory of Glory Idowu Adekolure will not be forgotten, and her tragic fate will serve as a catalyst for change and action against the evil forces terrorizing the country.

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