First Bank Refutes Allegation


Our attention has been drawn to a sponsored sensational report by some online publications on
a charge brought against the Bank.
While we will not be able to offer further comments as the matter is sub-judice, suffice it to say
that the basis of the charge is a spurious allegation made by a delinquent debtor with the
intention of embarrassing the Bank and tainting the Bank’s loan recovery efforts and legal
enforcement of its security collateral interest in accordance with the terms thereof.
We wish to assure our numerous customers, stakeholders and the general public that FirstBank
operates by the highest standards of ethical conduct and will under no circumstances involve
itself in any act of illegality just as it will take necessary legal steps to check any attempt by
recalcitrant debtors to fritter away depositors' funds under its custody. Furthermore, FirstBank
remains focused on its mission of providing the best financial services to its numerous


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