Outrage As Telecoms Bar Calls From Linked NIN-SIMs


There are strong indications that telecommunication operators in Nigeria have recklessly barred outgoing calls of subscribers who have linked their National Identification Number (NIN) with their SIM, alongside those who are yet to link their.

The association made this kMrn in a statement jointly signed by its chairman, Mr Gbenga Adebayo, and Head of Operations, Mr Gbolahan Awonuga.

It was earlier reported that the deadline handed on Nigerians by the Federal Government to link their NIN to their SIMs ended on March 31, after about eight postponements.

At the last minute, the government pushed for the linkage and on Friday, directed Nigerians to ensure they completed the verification and linkage of their NINs to their SIMs within days.

Meanwhile, many of the subscribers who have linked their sims to the NIN, have continued to receive the message that their outgoing calls have been barred for not linking their sims to the NIN.

One of the subscribers whose outgoing calls were barred on his three lines (who pleaded anonymity) told our correspondents that “It is so disheartening that the government has continued to frustrate us in this country. It appears that the people in government would just import a foreign idea and policy, and impose it on us without taking their time to situate it into our environment. It is also unfortunate that they would start the implementation of policies without putting the necessary machinery in place to ensure their smooth running.

“I woke up this morning to see my lines barred from outgoing calls. Meanwhile, I had linked all my sims almost immediately after the government gave the order. Immediately I saw my lines barred from outgoing calls, I checked the status of my lines on the NIN mobile app on my phone, and they were marked “activated.” So, I wondered why my lines were barred. I’ve lost a contract worth N3.3 this morning because I couldn’t call a client.”

Another subscriber, who simply referred to himself as Alhaji Akintunde, said his outgoing calls were barred early today disclosed that the customer care of the telecommunication company he uses was confused about what happened.

“They don’t seem to be knowledgeable about the application of the policy. Both the NIMC and the telecommunication companies in Nigeria are simply confused and ignorant. We deserve an apology from them,” Akintunde Said.

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