Policeman Stabs Motorist In Imo, Flees With Another Driver At Gunpoint


Ekeh Franklyn Nzubechukwu, a young Nigerian man, has been stabbed by an officer attached to the Nigerian Police Special Force at Edede by Opara Anozie Street in Owerri, Imo State, according to SaharaReporters.

It was learnt that the policeman was one of those security details escorting a Prado tinted Sports Utility Vehicle, when the event happened.

The policeman was said to have ordered all drivers to start reversing their cars while trying to maneuver the traffic.

He then used the butt of the gun to hit the victim’s car.

Franklyn was however stabbed in the neck by the officer, when he argued that two cars were behind him and that he couldn’t move back.

The victim explained that the officer threatened to shoot his boss when he was about to video the incident, while the policemen fled the scene.

He said the officer stopped a passenger bus at a gunpoint and discharged the passengers while escaping with the driver.

He said “There was a lot of traffic in Owerri; so the policeman that stabbed me was the one with a Prado tinted SUV probably as an escort or something.

“They were trying to maneuver the traffic and he told all drivers to start reversing backwards which we did as instructed by him but mine got to a point whereby I could no longer go back because of the two cars that were at my back.

“When he came to me, he used the head of his gun to hit the car window and I was forced to whine down and he started whipping me.

“It got to a point where his whips entered my eyes and I came out of the car to ask him if he was not seeing the two cars that were at my back and he brought out his dagger and stabbed me the first time but the cloth I was putting on had a metal pendant on it so it didn’t pierce through but just after that he stabbed me again.

“When I called my boss and he came around and tried filming the officer and getting hold of him, he cocked his gun and almost shot my boss on the leg and ran away.

“The police man cleared a full load of public bus, asked all the whole passengers to get down and ran away with the driver.”

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