Policemen Torture Man To Death Over Chinese Woman’s Car Battery


The family of late Shedrach Ochoche has accused men of the Federal Capital Territory Police of torturing him to death.

Shedrach, a former worker at a Chinese restaurant in the Jahi area of Abuja, was accused of stealing the car battery of his ex-boss, a Chinese woman popularly known as Madam Pimpim.

A family member of the deceased, Napoleon Otache, said the allegation came five days after he resigned from his job because he was owed for three months.

He said, “Shedrach Ochoche, before his gruesome murder on January 17, 2022, was formerly employed as a cleaner in a restaurant operated by a Chinese woman, popularly known as Madam Pimpim.

“He resigned from the cleaning employment when he was owed more than three months’ salaries.

“Five days after he resigned from the work, the Chinese woman alleged that her car battery was missing and she went and lodged a complaint at the Mabushi Police Division, Abuja.

“The police personnel attached to the Mabushi division tracked, arrested, detained and mercilessly tortured him. He died in their custody on January 17, 2022.

“While in detention, we visited him and seeing his bad condition due to injuries inflicted on him, we made a passionate appeal for his bail, but the appeal fell on deaf ears.

“The police did not even bother to inform the family when he died. Together with a lawyer, the family visited the station on that day only to be told that Shedrack died in the early hours of Monday.

“To confirm the sad news, we were taken to the Wuse General Hospital only to discover the dead body with blood gushing out of his mouth, ears and nostrils. The dead body was abandoned by the police in a private vehicle parked in the Wuse General Hospital premises.”

A picture seen by our correspondent showed there was blood in the deceased’s mouth.

Also, the stretcher where his corpse was placed had what appeared like bloodstains.

When contacted, Madam Pimpim said she sacked Shedrach, adding that she reported only the loss of her car battery to the police.

She said, “This is not true; totally wrong. I have been in Nigeria for more than 15 years. I know your newspaper is very influential in a country which focuses on reporting the truth. First, we sacked him already before the battery loss. He was no longer my worker. Second, I have the right to report to the police for my loss. Please note this: I reported my loss, not the guy.”

The FCT police spokesperson, DSP Josephine Adeh, denied that the suspect was tortured, adding that investigation was ongoing into the matter.

She said, “He was not tortured. He fell sick and was rushed to a hospital. He died two days after. However, investigation is ongoing.”

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