Reactions As Tinubu Donates N1 Billion To LASU

The National leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu has donated one billion naira to Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo’s  Centre of Leadership Development.
The donation was confirmed by the LASU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello at the 25th convocation lecture of LASU on Thursday, according to Leadership Newspaper.
The theme of the Convocation Lecture was: “Global Trends: Nigeria and its Place in the World. Do We Love Ourselves Enough”.
Tinubu was represented at the event by Dr Obafemi Hamzat, Deputy Governor of Lagos State.
Speaking at event, Tinubu urged government support for strategic industries that would employ young people and unleash their productive capacity.
He said that government backing of strategic manufacturing and industries would open the door wider to youth-owned start-up businesses.
“National industrial and employment policies must jump from the pages of documents and come to real life.
“This will help to reform the society to improve the economic prospects of young people in it.
“We need a new more convivial way, a way that gives you the right start at a fair chance of durable prosperity.
“This is the moral duty of progressive government to resurrect a flagging economy; to do what the private sector can not do by itself,” Tinubu said.
He added that no longer should our national compass remain pointed towards poverty instead of prosperity and towards lack, instead of abundance.
“You graduates today should not live half lives or to subject your tremendous talents and aspirations to an economic condition that does not allow their full vent.
” That you now graduate from this exemplar of learning and knowledge means the right answer is within you.
Reactions have trailed the donation.
See comments gotten from Nairaland below:
Government money cool
No one should thank him sad
The Oga patapata of looting and god fatherism!
I often wonder what he’ll turn Nigeria into after seeing the effects of what he’s done to Lagos with people like MC oluomo 
In Lagos state, all House members are loyal to him and not even the Government of the day, he dictates what should be done.
BAT just wants Nigeria in his pocket, he doesn’t have any good intentions. He wants to run the country as he’s running Lagos state sad
Let’s forbid bad thing, Say No to Godfatherism!
It’s very simple.
1. Thief their money
2. Fight anyone that wants to rise or speak out to enlighten the masses
3. Give them polo with your name printed on it, and then give them crumbs of their money You stole.
4. They will sing your praise and fight for you. Their women will even dance for you.
Africa Ndo. I am not against voting for Tinibu or other criminals, What am against is travelling out (Running away) to cause a white man discomfort in the country he built and Crying Racism when you are asked to leave. Ndị Ara
They should collect it. Tinubu could not afford a billion naira before he became the Lagos Gov. They should collect it, it is their money.
Meanwhile, the only good thing about Tinubu’s presidential bid is that the people will get back some of their money he stole…he will never be president of Nigeria

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