Residents of Shell CoopEast Estate, Gaduwa, Seek Justice Amid Alleged Abuse of Court Process and Intimidation by Shell CoopEast Developer


The once peaceful and serene community of CoopEast estate in Gaduwa, since December 1st, 2017 that the developer ceded the responsibility and management to residents association,a cloud of uncertainty hangs over its residents as they grapple with a contentious dispute involving the developer, Shell CoopEast. What started as a disagreement over the approved building plan has escalated into a legal battle marred by allegations of abuse of court process and intimidation tactics.

At the heart of the conflict lies the developer’s purported attempt to deviate from the approved plan by encroaching on a designated green area within the estate. Concerned about the potential environmental impact and the violation of established regulations, the duly registered estate residents association took a decisive step by filing a case in the FCT High Court to challenge the developer’s actions.

While the legal process is underway and residents await a verdict, tensions in CoopEast estate have reached a boiling point. Reports have emerged of the developer and its agents engaging in a campaign of harassment and intimidation against the residents. Disturbing accounts include nightly disturbances, intimidation of children, and alleged harassment by police officers from the FCT Command, who are said to be making frequent appearances in a manner perceived as heavy-handed.

The situation has left residents feeling vulnerable and distressed, especially on the actions of the FCT Police command, prompting them to reach out to influential figures for help. Calls for intervention have been directed to the Honorable Minister of the FCT, His Excellency Nyesom Wike, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), and the FCT, Commissioner of Police, with residents expressing a sense of urgency and desperation for assistance.

The unfolding events have raised serious concerns about the rule of law, the integrity of court processes, and the safety and well-being of residents within the CoopEast estate. The reported actions of the developer and the alleged harassment by law enforcement authorities have cast a shadow over the once peaceful community, leaving residents in a state of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about their future.

As the residents of CoopEast estate navigate this challenging period, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice and accountability. They hope that their cries for help will not go unanswered and that the authorities will swiftly intervene to address the escalating tensions and ensure the protection of their rights and interests.

The outcome of the legal dispute and the resolution of the conflict between Shell CoopEast and the residents association hold significant implications for the future harmony, stability, and reputation of the CoopEast estate in Gaduwa. As the community stands united in the face of adversity, they cling to the hope that justice will prevail and that peace will be restored to their once-tranquil neighborhood.

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