School Principal Shot Teacher & Husband Dead Before Killing Himself

A school principal has shot dead a teacher and her husband before taking his own life.
According to reports, the senior high school principal identified as Warren Escosar committed the tragic act at the Uybico Bilbao National High School in Barangay Po-ok, Hinoba-an in Philippines this morning, April 12.
It was gathered that Warren Escosar fatally shot Almarisa Arroy, a teacher also in the school after killing Christopher Arroy, Almarisa’s husband.
Information released by the Hinoba-an Municipal Police Station stated that Escosar arrived in the school onboard his pick-up truck armed with two different firearms.
Escosar then allegedly opened fire at the Arroys, initially killing the husband.
Almarisa ran towards one of the open classrooms to hide, but Escosar gave chase until eventually cornering the school teacher and shooting her in the face killing her on the spot.
Escosar then returned back to his vehicle and grabbed a .45 caliber pistol and killed himself.
Police are further investigating the incident, although Hinoba-an town Mayor Ernesto Estrao believes the incident may have stemmed from a complaint filed against Escosar.
According to the town mayor, Escosar was reported to have received a notice from the 8888 Citizens Complaint Center, regarding alleged mismanagement at the school.
It is currently unknown if Arroys were the ones who filed the complaint against Escosar.

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