Southwest LAWSAN Breaks Record to Lead the Highest Campaign Against Domestic Violence in Nigeria Under 24 Hours


The Southwest Directorate of the Law Students’ Association of Nigeria(LAWSAN), under the leadership of Richard Solomon, has broken a record by holding a multidimensional campaign in Nigeria under 24 hours against domestic violence.

The ‘Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign’ was the brainchild of a team of vibrant and conscious university undergraduates, across the Southwest zone; with the support of experienced personnel like lawyers and representatives from an institution created for the sole purpose of sensitizing the masses on the intricacies of domestic violence, the primary objective of the program was achieved. After much deliberation, the students were able to identify that many individuals are misinformed and lack the necessary information about domestic violence in Nigeria. With cases of domestic aggression skyrocketing in recent times, it became necessary to propagate the concept properly and to show how toxic this societal anomaly really is. This spurred Law students across the Southwest zone into action, kindling their zeal to put an end to a social vice that has haunted the masses from time immemorial.

A subatomic examination of each state’s campaign strategies would show the degree of dedication the students put into the program.

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