Terrorists Bragging: Bandit Leaders Baleri, Turji Mock Arrest Claims In New Video


A week after PRNigeria’s fact-check debunked the arrest of notorious bandit leader Baleri Fakai, a new video shows Baleri and Bello Turji ridiculing the claims.

The video features the duo, flanked by their followers, with rifles slung over their shoulders. Turji boasts, “They said they caught and killed Baleri… here he is!”Baleri adds, “Only God can bring an end to my life.”

In the 1.29min video obtained by PRNigeria, Turji accuses the governments of Niger Republic and Nigeria of capturing and killing innocent citizens, labelling the claims as “shameful information.”

He demands the release of “poor people” detained as bandits, stating they are merely herders and farmers.

PRNigeria’s fact-check revealed that the captured individual, Kachalla Baleri, was different from the notorious Baleri Fakai.

The Nigerien authorities claimed a significant breakthrough with the arrest, but the fact-check and new video raise questions about the accuracy of their claims.

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