Three Killed As Suspected Herdsmen Attack Communities In Benue


Three farmers have been confirmed killed following a recent assault perpetrated by suspected herdsmen in the rural farming communities of Entekpa and Idabi in Benue State.

The attacks, occurring separately over the weekend, have sent shockwaves through the region.

Alfred Omakwu, Chairman of the Otukpo Local Government, conveyed the grim news to Channels Television via telephone. He disclosed that the assailants struck first at Entekpa village, claiming the life of one farmer, before proceeding to Adoka’Icho in Idabi village, where two more farmers fell victim to the violence.

Omakwu, en route to the affected communities as of the time of this report, lamented the dire situation unfolding. He revealed that Entekpa, comprising nine villages, now lies deserted, allowing the attackers unhindered movement within the area.

“In the course of the weekend, armed herdsmen mercilessly took the lives of three of our people. The initial attack occurred in Entekpa, resulting in the loss of one farmer. Subsequently, the assailants targeted Adako’Icho in Idabi village, claiming the lives of two more farmers diligently tending to their fields,” Omakwu stated.

Urging swift intervention from both federal and state authorities, the chairman emphasized the urgent need for bolstered security measures in the region to stem the tide of violence. He underscored the gravity of the situation, highlighting the mass exodus of communities at a time when farmers should be preparing for the upcoming planting season.

“These relentless attacks have plagued us since the onset of the season. We implore both the federal and state governments to expedite the deployment of security forces to quell these assaults,” Omakwu pleaded.

The recent assault adds to the growing list of incidents plaguing Benue State, particularly in rural areas, where herdsmen attacks have become an ongoing concern. Communities spanning Otukpo, Apa, Agatu, Gwer West, Makurdi, Guma, Logo, Ukum, Kwande, and Gwer East local government areas have borne the brunt of these atrocities.

Tragically, on March 7th, 2024, the state government laid to rest eighteen victims of such violence in a mass burial, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

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