ThursdayRapAround: Between Adulterated Fuel, Adulterated Super Cop And The Rest Of Us


There is no gainsaying the fact that Nigeria is indeed a blessed country.

A blessed nation indeed – with all shades of beauty and colours – inside out.
Its population estimated to be well above 200 million is no doubt a huge market – a factor that’s enough to make even top nations of the world green with envy.

In the midst of this, there comes the complexity of modern society where everyone tries as much as possible to outsmart one another.

As we see individuals with genuine means of livelihood or businesses, same way we see others who believe in cutting corners – all to make both ends meet.

In whichever way, many have written their names in gold, while a handful of others too have written theirs boldly on the breastplate of history though with different shades of colours.

Battles (both genuine and adulterated) have been fought and won left, right, front, back and everywhere; accolades, laurels have been amassed in this our small world.

While the nation still grapples with challenges that came up after the alarming petrol contamination, so also news broke out about the involvement of the suspended super cop and leader of IRT, DCP Abba Kyari in a notorious drug cartel.

Here’s a man who has warmed himself to the heart of most Nigerians – mostly by what we heard or made to understand about his exploit as a worthy and consumate cop – hence the popular title – Super Cop.

The latest revelation however may have further lend credence to the common saying “the more you look, the less you see” on the vagueness of power in Nigeria.

This means the very people whom others sing-praise and adore to high heaven may have indulged in the ‘Nigerian way’ to get to the top.

While some get away with it, some may not be that lucky.

In similar fashion, the importation of adulterated fuel have generated blame and counter blame. The second week is already running out, yet not a single person has been sanctioned for this deliberate ‘crime against humanity’ – against the Nigerian people whose valuables have been damaged. Motorists are now made to endure long queue to get the very product God has blessed the nation with; commuters are made to trek long distance, with some paying through their nose to move from one place to another.

Sure, Nigeria, as they say, has happened to us all once again – courtesy of the adulterated leaders, adulterated marketers, adulterated businessmen and women God has blessed us with.

The other narrative of the saga involving Nigeria’s foremost Super Cop, Abba Kyari and his estranged business partner, Ramon Abas popularly known as Hushpuppi is another twist which has added glamour and pageantry to this unfortunate episode.

First, he was declared wanted in the US. in connection with Hushpuppi’s fraudulent dealings.

Secondly, our adulterated judicial system under Nigeria’s foremost controversial Attorney-General has been evasive on whether Kyari should be extradited or not.

Thirdly, our IGP too has been foot-dragging over the issue until PSC insisted on the report of the investigation panel set up to look into the matter.

In a deft move however, NDLEA came up with another narrative…which people have been saying is a deliberate ploy to keep, tie Kyari down in the country to prevent him from been extradited to the US to answer the gross allegations against him.

In fact, the whole drama is getting interesting by the day. What a way to showcase to the world the stuff we are made of!

This our adulterated way of life will soon become the talk of the town among committee of nations.

In his characteristic manner, the former Director of Kenyan anti-corruption agency, Prof. Patrick Lumumba has laid the blame for Africa’s woes on leaders in the continent for being hypocrites and encouraging institutional corruption.

Our dear Professor Lumumba must have dissected the adulterated leadership style across the continent before coming up with that submission – every apt we would say.

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