Traders Petition Police, Accuses Landlord Of Defrauding Them Of N2.75m

…It’s just a misunderstanding, I will reconcile with them after the holiday – Landlord


Traders with shops at the Godstime Plaza, Alaba Modern Market, Badagry Expressway, Lagos, have petitioned the Deputy Commissioner of Police, SCID, Panti Yaba, Lagos, over alleged fraud committed against them by the landlord, Mr. Richard Yetonjede Innocent and the caretaker, simply identified as Mr Dodo.

In the petition dated June 5, and signed by Mr. Egbe Thompson, chairman and Mr. Lemmys Takon, Sec- retary of the Plaza, they accused the Landlord and Caretaker of GODSTIME PLAZA of working to- gether to fleece them of their money to the tune of N2.75million. According to the Petition- ers, Mr Richard and Mr Dodo collected the sum of N2.75million from them as part payment for the rent of their shops and to settle out- standing court fees in which they were taxed to pay in additional to one year rent payment otherwise they would lose their shops to other parties, which they said looked like a threat.

They further alleged however that thereafter, Mr Richard and Mr Dodo collaborated and converted the money to personal use, while going ahead to sell the plaza to another person and evicting them. They have therefore called on the Police authorities to intervene in the interest if peace for thorough investiga- tions and justice, as “justice delayed is justice denied, and a stitch in time saves nine.”

However, when contacted, Mr. Richard, said there was a misunderstanding of the whole incident, as he will not intentionally defraud anyone, adding that he too was being swindled of the building. He promised that he will be available after the holi- days, so that they will all sit together reconcile accounts and refund will be made to those due.

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