‘Vampires of Nigeria’, Netizens attack Ondo Govt, Others Challenging FG’s Suit On LG Autonomy

Remember you’re still on probation, angry resident send strong warning to Aiyedatiwa


Nigerians have attacked the Ondo state government and others for filing a suit against the Federal Government at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, challenging the interest of the government and the attorney general of the federation in the planned local governments autonomy.

Starnews NG had earlier reported that the state government led by Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa objected the move by the federal government to grant autonomy to the various local governments in Nigeria.

In a recent suit filed by the Ondo Government at the supreme court, they said that it is not within the constitutional powers of the AGF to file a suit in the name of the Federal Government, to query how a state runs its Local Governments or administer their funds.

This development did not go down well with Nigerians who climbed on the post on Starnews NG’s Facebook page under the comment section to attack the Ondo State Government and others for working against LG autonomy.

Below are some of the reactions from Netizens as sampled by Starnews NG:

Alimi Idowu said “Mad people” .

Akinyemi Akinsoyinu “Why can’t LG got the autonomy…..that’s selfish interest.”

Olododo Emmanuel, “Honorable Ogedi, Let’s leave all these People’s an look at there ends because Bible says the end is better than the beginning and the day of death is better than the day of coming into this world. Bible stated this in Deuteronomy 32 v 28 _2 9. Pls read.”

Wesco Ayeyi Oluwasomi, “This is a fallacy.”

Harry Madueke, “Vampires of Nigeria (Governors)”.

Ojomo David, “In 1999 when this young democracy started, elections were held and it started from the local governments to states and end with the federal government. But because of the selfishness of the political elite then subsequent elections started from the president and end with local elections. So let our political elite go back to base. Start the elections from the local government and end with the federal government period. Nigeria must move forward let there be a road map for Nigeria development thank you.”

Prince Adejoye Oluwasomi, “It seems you’re not interested in this your Governorship ambition anymore, as them like you na so them go hate you. Continue”.

Adeyinka Ishola Adedapo, “Look at this governor 😭😭😭”.

Prince Rotimi Akinduro, “You fall my hands sir.”

Ore-ofe Oladoye, “Look at it now abi eri Governor.”

Bolani Tunde, “Since d case has gone to d Court,let us wait for the outcome before we discuss so as not to fall foul of d law.”

Daniel Oluremi, “The people has to remove him come Nov.”

Ajana Kehinde, “Unbelievable”.

Olukayode Asafa, “Liberty is always hard,freedom is so expensive, staying so long in someone father’s house is a biggest burden.But very soon liberation shall come, battle line is drawn”.

Omobolaje Oladele, “Both federal and state knw what they’re doing

Anyway you are a politician, you are doing this to gain people’s mind in ondo state ko le work my brother

ONDO STATE ti datiwa oo ti dirunrun.”

Oyin Olumide Raymond, “Na which kind governor be this. Local government must have autonomy.”

Akinniyi Oluwaseun, “This is funny enough in Ondo state Government to against the masses expectations, Gov, Olusegun Mimiko was the first governor against the agitation for local government autonomy, ever since the Nulge keep on struggling till today.Therefore Gov, Ayedatiwa has given us what he has in stock for the LG in his administration but they should remember there is God oooo.

Bada Afroscience, “Not only this state, I want to believe that they take joy in controlling the LGs money into building market stalls that suppose to be LG assignment and many like that.”

Akande Janet Omolara, “Local govts need freedom.”

Adesoji Adeusi, “The LGs should be allowed to perform independently of themselves. They are close to the grassroots.”

Shokoya Ayoola, “Let there be devolution of power so that the local government can perform effectively.”

Oni Oluyole, “These governors are the same. Imagine Ondo State governor of circumstance queueing with the rest of them to siphon local government funds. He should show maturity and be independent. He should also know he is still on probation.”

Adegbaye Ehimowo, “The constitutional provisions 162(8) needs to be amended. Otherwise, the governors will continue to milk the local governments.”

Dapo Aluko, “But they don’t want the federal to administer states on behalf of states, but they’re breaching constitution by not allowing the third tier of government to grow.”

Emmanuel Babs, “Although, we are in support of the re-election of Hon Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa, but let him support the local government autonomy.”

Funke Omoogun Adu, “Ondo State people should be watchful oooooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣….. Governors NEVER allow the president to administer states but all the governors are after local government administration when we run three tiers of government.

And the Ondo State governor was the one leading the pack….. I hope Ondo State people get the MESSAGE?”

Mexico Cool, “Nigeria governors are the problem of this country, because there must separation of power under a democratic ruling but all the governor are ganging against local government Autonomy, you better fear God , because if there’s local government aotonomy the level of poverty will not reach this level in Nigeria.”

Olamide Abimbola, “The major problem we have in this nation is so called governor upon all the money they swallow is not enough for them the money that belongs to local government, they want to swallow it. The work that belong to local government they want to do it and at the end of the day, they will say we are working for people they we collect security allowance apart from there salary, may God save us in this nation.”

Recall that the Federal Government has approached the Supreme Court with a suit seeking to compel governors of the 36 states of the federation to grant full autonomy to the local governments in their domains.

The suit, marked SC/CV/343/2024, was filed by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), on behalf of the Federal Government.

The Federal Government is urging the apex court to issue “an order prohibiting state governors from unilateral, arbitrary and unlawful dissolution of democratically elected local government leaders for local governments.”

In the suit predicted on 27 grounds, the Federal Government accused the state governors of gross misconduct and abuse of power.

The FG, in the originating summons, prayed the Supreme Court to make an order expressly stating that funds standing to the credit of local governments from the Federation Account should be paid directly to the local governments rather than through the state governments.

The justice minister also prayed for “an order of injunction restraining the governors, their agents and privies from receiving, spending or tampering with funds released from the Federation Account for the benefits of local governments when no democratically elected local government system is put in place in the states.”

The Federal Government further sought “an order stopping governors from constituting caretaker committees to run the affairs of local governments as against the Constitutionally recognised and guaranteed democratically system.”

The originating summons was backed by a 13-paragraph affidavit deposed to by one Kelechi Ohaeri of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Ohaeri, in the affidavit, averred that the AGF instituted the suit against the governors under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court on behalf of the Federal Government.

He said,“The Constitution of Nigeria recognises federal, states and local governments as three tiers of government and the three recognised tiers of government draw funds for their operation and functioning from the Federation Account created by the Constitution.”

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